Release shows a big success!!!

The CD release shows this past weekend for Somewhere You’ve Been were a tremendous success. Thanks to the great musicians that I play with and the great people that support us.

On Friday night, we had a real blast at Espresso 77, celebrating both my work and Afzal Hossain’s latest art showing, entitled Speak Louder. Afzal and I are great friends and he opened his cafe to me back in 2007. Seven years later, and I’m still playing there every month. I’ve made great friends through this gig and the cafe is a second home for me. It was a fitting place to celebrate the release of this record, as many of the songs were played live for this first time in that very room. In addition, it was super sweet to have my daughter Isabella and my parents and several family members present to celebrate this moment.

On Saturday night, The Trio plus the Urban Blight horns hit the stage at the LIC Bar. We played the full album and then opened the 2nd set to new songs, Kevin & Jonny material and whatever else we could muster up by the end of the night. The sound was fantastic and the vibes were just right. Thanks to Gus Rodriguez for hosting us and to all the people that came to celebrate.

Pics and video on the way…!!!

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