1. Jubal

Memorial song, loss, soul, singer-songwriter, friendship, thankfulness, horns, harmonies - synch & master controlled 200% by Jonny Meyers. For Licensing email jonnymeyers73@yahoo.com/Tel. 347-537-7485
100% Jonny Meyers (ASCAP #1617554)/Self-Published



Never say a bad thing about it
If you regret what you say
All the times I thought it wasn’t good for me
Everything turned out OK

But once
In a while
I get a funny feeling
Gotta be thankful lord
To be here

Didn’t know much about him
When the good days were gone
In his face I saw my memories
But I didn’t stay there too long

Cause my
Frame of mind
It left the past
Way behind
Gotta be grateful lord
To be here

Never had a chance to say goodbye
I’m just left here wondering why
What would you do If I was gone
Would you write a song?

Now you taught me with reason
To leave the image behind
To see the complexity
Of every good friend of mine

Now I….
Took for granted
That you were doing fine
Forever grateful lord
You were here
Wish I could say that you Were here

On The Moment You Arrive, Jonny Meyers showcases his eclectic songwriting and powerful backing band to deliver both a fun musical journey along with reflective lyrics which I found very refreshing to listen to in these times.” - Matt Busch

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