Country soul, singer-songwriter, catchy, romantic, acoustic guitar, horns, harmony singing - synch & master controlled 200% by Jonny Meyers. For Licensing email 347-537-7485
100% Jonny Meyers (ASCAP #1617554)/Self-Published


A Thousand Times

Time to take a train
Or board an aero-plane
Believe me
Time in love my friend
Is downright arrogant
Believe me

If I’m the only one
Who’d love a thousand times
I don’t mind

It’s better to play the fool
Than do the things you do
To hurt me
Leaving never ends
Memories pretend to
Desert me

If never come a time
Through my window your light shines
I don’t mind

I knew right from the start
If you were gonna break a heart
How could it be anyone but me
My soul has paid the price
A human nature sacrifice
I was just being nice to be

Life, love and sin my friends
Go hand in hand in hand again
You taught me
Nothing to take away
The years of yesterdays
You brought me
If I’m the only one
Who cried a thousand times
I don’t mind

On The Moment You Arrive, Jonny Meyers showcases his eclectic songwriting and powerful backing band to deliver both a fun musical journey along with reflective lyrics which I found very refreshing to listen to in these times.” - Matt Busch

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