1. Different Eyes

New York City, memories, rock, soul, guitar, horns, sing along - - synch & master controlled 200% by Jonny Meyers. For Licensing email jonnymeyers73@yahoo.com/Tel. 347-537-7485
100% Jonny Meyers (ASCAP #1617554)/Self-Published


Different Eyes

All over things have changed
I’m displaced and rearranged
Thought my home would always stay the same
Never move and never age

As I move around in this great big city
The slightest turn means everything
With each transition
each new intuition
I’m lost in places I thought existed in me

My old friend asked me how I feel
upon returning home
I made him stop in the middle of the crowd and said
Don’t you feel all alone?

Ain’t it a strange feeling when there’s motion all around you
And you ain’t going anywhere
When unfamiliar faces stand by my old places
and drink from the glass that they once poured for me

With different eyes I see
With different eyes I see

Where are you now my love
Since I’ve been gone
The silence that distance brings
tells me we’ve moved on

So when I return and knock at your door
We touch and feel how joy leads to pain
Within each moment
each lovin’ kissin’ moment
I wonder if these paths we chose are what’s meant to be
With different eyes I see
With different eyes I see

(oooh) New York City

On The Moment You Arrive, Jonny Meyers showcases his eclectic songwriting and powerful backing band to deliver both a fun musical journey along with reflective lyrics which I found very refreshing to listen to in these times.” - Matt Busch

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