Espresso 77 Presents: Remote Live w/Jonny Meyers


For over 10 years, Espresso 77 has been hosting live music in Jackson Heights. Recently, we’ve had to change our format, both on the cafe side and the live music side, but that won’t stop us from bringing you what we deem essential - coffee and live music. So, this Friday night, I’ll be playing a live set from my living room on Instagram live at

The set will begin at 8:00pm and I’m taking it back to our PA, no mic, just me and my guitar. I’ll be watching who chimes in, so please join in, say hi, let us know you’re listening, heckle and shout out requests, just like we do at the café.

We have a few other artists lined up to do the same in the coming weeks, so it would be good to gauge how well it works this Friday night. So please tune into #officialjmqmusic between 8:00-8:45pm and let us know you’re there.

E77 is a place for gathering and the recent, necessary shut down has left many of us feeling all sorts of ways. For now, we gather remotely, sharing music like we do at the end of every week. I’m excited to try this and I hope you’ll join me and make yourself present with some text-driven hootin’ and hollerin.’

Espresso 77 Presents: Remote Live w/Jonny Meyers


Instagram live Friday 3/27, 8pm.